The Hotel Chateau Kotěra – Ratboř near Kolín

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Hrádek u Nechanic Chateau

A Windsor Gothic-style chateau built between 1839 and 1857
Distance from Hradec Králové: 15 km

Jirásek’s Park, Timbered Chapel of St. Nicholas

A city park located at the confluence of the Labe and Orlice rivers, where you can find the remains of fortifications and a picturesque wooden chapel dedicated to St. Nicholas.

Šrámek’s Farm in Piletice 

A center of folk tradition. Protected area with precious wooden structures.

Museum of Christmas Cribs in Třebechovice

There are several exhibitions in this museum. One of the most popular is the permanent exhibition of Probošt’s Christmas Crib – this seven-meter long, over three-meter wide and almost two-meter high exhibit consists of more than two thousand carved pieces.
Distance from Hradec Králové: 13 km.

Chlum Memorial Grounds 

Battlefield, military museum, observation tower.
Distance from Hradec Králové: 10 km


Zoo in Dvůr Králové

The only zoo in the Czech Republic offering an African safari, where visitors ride special safari-buses among freely roaming animals.
Distance from Hradec Králové: 35 km.

City Spa – Aquacentrum

Recreational covered swimming pool with waves, water slide, bar and pool for children.

Giant Aquarium – ENVI DŮM

A giant freshwater aquarium with rainforest and video-projection of natural beauties. There is also a sports field, racquetball court, sauna, gym and cafe.

Observatory and Planetarium

Located at the top of the only hill in Hradec –St. John’s Hill in Nový Hradec.

Paddle Steamships on Labe

Unique paddle steamships named Primátor (Mayor), Královna Eliška (Queen Elizabeth) and Pirátská plachetnice (Pirate Sailboat) boldly plow the waves of the Labe River.

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